What’s the best grind size for cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee needs a coarse grind size for its flavor to be just right over time. A top source says a medium-coarse grind works best, about a 7 on the coarseness scale. This grind size makes sure the drink won’t taste too sour, a big issue with cold brew. But another source mentions something different. They say go for an espresso grind size, even if many go with a French press/coarse one. Still, the third source insists on a coarse grind. They say it gives the best taste. What’s the trick? Use a grinder that lets you adjust the coarseness.

Key Takeaways

  • Cold brew coffee needs a medium-coarse grind for the best flavor.
  • A coarse grind makes sure you get sweetness and the right tang.
  • Using an adjustable burr grinder helps get the perfect grind size.
  • Don’t use a blade grinder. It might make the grind uneven.
  • Try different grind sizes to see what flavor you like best in your cold brew.

Understanding the Cold Brew Process

Making cold brew coffee isn’t fast, but it pays off big. You can use a mason jar or a special cold brew system. No matter which, let the coffee sit in the water for 12 to 24 hours. This pulls out all the great flavor.

The Importance of Patience

Cold brew takes longer to make than hot coffee. It brews more gently, which means it’s smoother and less sour. If you want the best, follow the third source’s advice. It gives tips on how long to brew and what ratios to use for a perfect taste.

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Essential Brewing Equipment

You have lots of choices for cold brew equipment. But, whatever you pick, it must close tightly and go in the fridge. This avoids bacteria growth in the sweet, cold coffee.

Sanitizing Your Gear

Making sure everything is clean is super important for nitro cold brew and regular kinds. The sugar in cold brew creates a place where bad bacteria can grow. The third source guides on cleaning it all. This way, your iced coffee will be safe and tasty.

cold brew equipment

Mastering the Cold Brew Grind Size

Getting the perfect cold brew coffee starts with the right grind size. The best grind falls around a 7 on a 1-10 scale, as we talked about earlier. This finer, medium-coarse grind brings out just the right sweetness and acidity. The result? A creamy, full-flavored cold brew that’s hard to beat.

Recommended Grind Coarseness

Choosing the right grind coarseness is essential for a great cold brew. A grind similar to what’s used for a French press is best. It pulls the flavors out efficiently but won’t make it too bitter. This means your cold brew will be sweet and smooth without the harsh sourness.

Using a Burr Grinder

An adjustable burr grinder is a must for the perfect medium-coarse grind. Unlike blade grinders, burr grinders give you a uniform grind. This consistency is key for a balanced cold brew. With a burr grinder, you can tinker with the grind to capture the perfect flavor mix.

Balancing Sourness and Sweetness

Grind size is key to how your cold brew tastes. If the grind is too coarse, it won’t pull out enough flavor, tasting sour. Too fine and it can get bitter. The perfect medium-coarse grind finds that ideal spot. It draws out the best in your beans, making your cold brew a sweet and refreshing treat.


What is the best grind size for cold brew coffee?

A medium-coarse grind works best for cold brew coffee. This is about a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. A medium-coarse grind helps get rid of sourness. While some suggest a French press grind, others say use an espresso grind. Still, most agree that a coarse grind is the way to go for great cold brew.

How important is patience when making cold brew coffee?

Patience is key to making good cold brew. The process takes time, but the flavor is richer. You’ll need a sealed container for the fridge. Properly cleaning all equipment is also essential to avoid bad tastes.

What are the key steps in the cold brew coffee brewing process?

To make cold brew, follow specific steps. Use the right amounts of coffee and water, and let it soak in the fridge. Wetting all the coffee grounds is crucial. This, and brewing in the fridge, reduces bacteria risk.

Why is using a burr grinder important for cold brew coffee?

A burr grinder ensures a consistent grind for cold brew. Blade grinders can grind unevenly. Getting the grind right means you won’t taste sourness in your cold brew.

How does the recommended grind size for cold brew compare to other brewing methods?

In cold brew, a coarse grind is better than finer grinds. It’s different from the grind used in drip or espresso. Using a burr grinder lets you hit the sweet spot between sweetness and acidity in your cold brew.
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