Can I make cold brew coffee with a Turkish ibrik?

Cold brew coffee is a smooth way to enjoy coffee that’s less acidic. In this article, we’ll see if you can use a Turkish ibrik to make cold brew. The ibrik’s unique design might change how you think about making cold brew. We’ll look at the ibrik’s history and how to use it to make cold brew coffee. In the end, you’ll find out if the ibrik works well for making cold brew.

Key Takeaways

  • The Turkish ibrik, also known as a cezve or briki, is a traditional coffee pot used to make Turkish coffee.
  • The ibrik’s unique design allows for precise temperature control and helps preserve coffee aromas and flavors.
  • Brewing cold brew in an ibrik follows a similar process to traditional ibrik brewing, but with some key adjustments.
  • Using high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans is essential for creating a flavorful cold brew in an ibrik.
  • Proper filtration is crucial to achieve a clean, balanced cold brew flavor profile when using the ibrik.

Understanding the Turkish Ibrik

The ibrik, also called a cezve or briki, is a small pot for making Turkish coffee. It’s crafted from copper or brass. The ibrik’s design helps in making the coffee taste rich by controlling the temperature. This pot has been used for ages in the Middle Eastern and Eastern European areas for their unique coffee way.

Definition and History

The ibrik’s top is narrow while the bottom is wider. This shape holds in the coffee’s smells and tastes when brewing. It has a long handle for easy pouring and to control the temperature. This method slowly heats the coffee and water together. Such careful heating makes Turkish coffee’s special texture and crema.

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This distinctive pot shape aids in exact coffee extraction and temperature control. They’re crucial for Turkish coffee to have its well-known creamy feel and bold flavors.

Turkish coffee ibrik

cold brew coffee: Brewing Cold Brew in an Ibrik

To make a great cold brew in an ibrik, begin with fresh, high-quality coffee beans. Choose beans that are medium to dark roast for a strong flavor. Ground the coffee finely to pull out the best flavors while brewing.

Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

Making cold brew coffee in an ibrik uses a different method. Put the ground coffee and cold or lukewarm water in the ibrik first. Heat it slowly, making sure the water doesn’t go over 195°F. This slow method makes your cold brew taste smooth and rich. The process takes longer but the flavor is worth it.

Preparing the Cold Brew

After brewing in the ibrik, filter the cold brew to make it sweet and clean. The ibrik’s shape can make the coffee dull. Zoltán Kis, an expert, suggests using an Aeropress for filtering. It makes sure your cold brew is perfectly flavored.

Extraction and Filtration


The Turkish ibrik brings a unique touch to making cold brew coffee. Its design and way of brewing are special. By learning about the ibrik’s history and adjusting how you make cold brew, you can enjoy a rich and flavorful drink.

If you love cold brew already or just starting to, trying the ibrik can be exciting. It adds a whole new level to enjoying coffee. The ibrik’s way of carefully heating the coffee opens up deeper flavors in your drink.

When using the ibrik for cold brew, don’t be afraid to try new things. Change the amount of coffee or water, use various types of coffee beans, and adjust how long and hot you brew it. Finding what tastes best to you is part of the fun. So, enjoy the journey as much as the great coffee you’ll make.


Can I make cold brew coffee using a Turkish ibrik?

Yes, you can make cold brew in a Turkish ibrik. Its design and method work well for cold brew coffee. The ibrik’s way of slowly heating keeps the flavor smooth and tasty.

What are the key features of the Turkish ibrik that make it suitable for cold brew coffee?

The ibrik’s shape is great for keeping the coffee’s taste and smell. Its narrow neck and wide bottom play a part in this. Also, the long handle helps keep the right heat levels during brewing.

What type of coffee beans are best for brewing cold brew in an ibrik?

Choose medium to dark roast specialty coffee beans for the best cold brew in an ibrik. Their strong flavors stand up well to the cold brew process. This creates a more intense and tasty drink.

How do I brew cold brew coffee using a Turkish ibrik?

Starting with the ibrik, add ground coffee and cold or lukewarm water. Heat it slowly, under 195°F, to develop the flavors perfectly. This process takes longer than hot brewing but results in a smooth, flavorful cold brew concentrate.

How do I filter the cold brew coffee brewed in an ibrik?

For clear and tasty cold brew from an ibrik, filtering is key. The Aeropress with a paper filter works well. It takes out sediment and makes the flavor balanced and sweet.
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