Can I blend cold brew coffee with ice for a frozen coffee drink?

On hot summer days, an ice-cold frozen coffee is a great pick-me-up. You can easily make this at home with a blender and coffee maker. This turns your daily routine into a tasty adventure.

Frozen coffee is a mix of cold brew, milk, and sweetener. It goes beyond regular iced coffee with a fun icy twist. It’s kind of like a frappe but more coffee-focused and less milky. To make it, you blend cold brew coffee with ice until it’s a cool, slushy drink.

Frozen coffee uses less milk and more coffee than a frappe. It’s often made with drip, French press, or cold brew coffee. So, it’s different from the espresso-based frappes you might be used to.

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Key Takeaways

  • Frozen coffee is a refreshing summer drink that combines cold brew coffee, milk, and sweetener.
  • It’s different from frappes, which use more milk and espresso-based coffee.
  • You can make frozen coffee at home using a blender and your preferred brewing method.
  • Cold brew coffee is a great base for frozen coffee, providing a smooth, concentrated flavor.
  • Experimenting with different milk and sweetener options can create unique flavor profiles.

What is a Frozen Coffee Drink?

Frozen coffee is a perfect drink for beating the summer heat. It falls between iced coffee and frappes. This drink is made by blending drip or cold brew coffee with milk, sweetener, and ice. The result is a cold, creamy drink with a strong coffee flavor.

Difference Between Frozen Coffee and Frappes

Frozen coffee and frappes may seem similar, but they have key differences. Frappes use espresso shots, while frozen coffees use drip, French press, or cold brew coffee. Frappes have more milk or cream, so they’re creamier. On the other hand, frozen coffees focus more on the coffee taste, with less milk.

Ingredients for Frozen Coffee

Want to make your own frozen coffee at home? You’ll need cold brew coffee or concentrated coffee, your choice of milk, and some sweetener. You can adjust these ingredients to make your drink as sweet or strong as you like.

Brewing Methods for Cold Brew Coffee

Making the perfect frozen coffee starts with the right cold brew. You can use cold drip, immersion, or Japanese iced coffee methods. These methods bring out intense, but smooth flavors. You can also use drip coffee that you’ve just made.

How to Make a Frozen Cold Brew Coffee Drink at Home

Making your own frozen cold brew coffee at home is easy. You just need a few ingredients and a blender. The secret is to choose the best blending and brewing method for a great taste and texture.

Using Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

To start, make a batch of cold brew coffee concentrate. You can do this through methods like immersion brewing. This kind of coffee is strong and bold, perfect for an icy sip. After you make the cold brew, try different ratios with milk or its non-dairy counterparts.

Blending Techniques for Frozen Drinks

When blending, begin at a low setting and then speed up. This way, your drink stays thick without getting watery. Mix your coffee, milk, and any sweeteners for at least 30 seconds, until it’s frosty.

Frozen Coffee Recipe Ideas

Once you’ve got the basics, you can build on your frozen coffee. Add nitro coffee, coffee concentrate, or even a bit of iced coffee for more flavors. Also, try various milks like almond or oat. You can even make it extra special by adding vanilla ice cream or topping it with whipped cream and chocolate.

cold brew coffee


Mixing cold brew coffee with ice makes a great frozen coffee drink. The info shared talked about how frozen coffee is different from frappes. It also shared the key ingredients, ways to make it, and lots of recipes to try.

With the tips in this article, you can easily make a frozen coffee you’ll love. It will be as tasty as what you get at a coffee shop.

The secret is using good cold brew coffee. You can buy quality cold brew or make your own. It’s all about getting the flavor right.

You can also use different milks, sweeteners, and flavors to make it your own. This lets you make your frozen coffee just how you like it.

A homemade frozen coffee is great for hot days or when you need a boost. It’s easy, fun to make, and saves money. So, pull out your blender and find what you need in your kitchen. Then enjoy a delicious icy coffee that feels just like being at a cafe.


Can I blend cold brew coffee with ice for a frozen coffee drink?

Yes, you can blend cold brew coffee with ice to make a tasty frozen drink. Just mix cold brew, milk, and a sweetener in a blender with ice. This easy-to-follow recipe lets you enjoy a great frozen coffee, just like from a cafe.

What is a Frozen Coffee Drink?

A frozen coffee is a cold, blended beverage, similar to a frappe but not the same. It’s made by blending coffee, milk, and sugar with ice. This creates a thick, icy drink. Frozen coffees have more coffee flavor than frappes but less milk.

What is the difference between Frozen Coffee and Frappes?

Frozen coffee differs from frappes in its coffee and milk content. Frappes use espresso shots, making them creamier. On the other hand, frozen coffee uses more brewed coffee and less milk. This change gives it a stronger coffee taste and a lighter texture.

What are the essential ingredients for making Frozen Coffee?

You’ll need brewed coffee, milk, and a sweetener for a frozen coffee. Blend them with ice for a cold, slushy drink. It’s a simple recipe that anyone can make at home.

What are the preferred brewing methods for Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is best made using immersion, French press, or slow drip methods. These techniques pull out the coffee’s flavor slowly, without heat. This makes the coffee smooth and perfect for freezing into drinks.

How do I make a Frozen Cold Brew Coffee Drink at home?

Start by cold brewing or dripping your coffee. Then, blend it with milk and sugar in a blender. Add lots of ice. Blend at increasing speeds until it’s thick and frosty.

What are some Frozen Coffee Recipe Ideas to try?

Try adding syrups or spices to your frozen coffee for variety. For a mocha taste, blend in chocolate or vanilla. Experiment with different types of milk to change the flavor. Your frozen coffee can be as unique as you want it to be.
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