Can I add sparkling water to cold brew coffee for a bubbly drink?

Sparkling water and cold brew coffee are super refreshing on their own. Combine them for a novel drink – carbonated cold brew coffee. This unique sip is lively and ideal any time of day. To make it, brew your coffee stronger to counter the dilution from sparkling water and ice.

You can play around with various coffee origins and sparkling water tastes. This way, you’ll discover your best mix. Whether you like it light and fruity or bold and earthy, sparkling water adds a fresh twist. It offers a zesty caffeine kick that’s truly refreshing.

Key Takeaways

  • Combining cold brew coffee and sparkling water creates a refreshing, bubbly beverage.
  • The cold brew should be brewed stronger to account for dilution from the sparkling water.
  • Experiment with different coffee origins, roast levels, and sparkling water flavors to find your perfect combination.
  • The sparkling water complements the bold flavor of cold brew coffee to create a refreshing caffeine kick.
  • This easy-to-make drink is perfect for any time of day, especially on a hot summer afternoon.

Refreshing Combination: Sparkling Water and Cold Brew Coffee

Mixing cold brew coffee with sparkling water makes a cool, effervescent drink. It’s ideal for beating the heat. The cold brew’s strong taste blends well with the refreshing fizz of the water.

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This drink is loved by those who enjoy unique iced coffees. The use of premium cold brew cuts out the watery taste found in regular iced coffees. Adding fruit or berry-flavored sparkling water can make it even better.

Endless Possibilities: Exploring Flavors and Roasts

There are many ways to make this sparkling cold brew your own. Choose from different coffee types, roasts, and origins to vary the taste. The same goes for the sparkling water, which can be plain or flavored to match your favorite notes.

By mixing different cold brews and sparkling waters, folks can adjust the drink to their liking. This way, you can get a beverage that fits your personal taste. The choices are truly limitless when making your ideal sparkling cold brew.

Brewing Methods for Cold Brew Coffee

Two main ways make the cold brew for this fizzy coffee mix. The first uses the slow-steep way. That’s when coffee grounds soak in cold water for a long time, often a whole day. This makes a strong but smooth coffee that is low on acid. It’s great to mix with sparkling water. This long wait lets the water soak up all the taste and smell from the coffee beans. After the wait, the coffee grounds are taken out. What’s left is a strong and tasty coffee mix. It can be thinned with water, milk, or sparkling water. Then you’ve got a bubbly, cold coffee drink.

Slow-Steep Cold Brew: The Traditional Immersion Method

Another way to make cold brew for this fizzy coffee is the Japanese iced coffee method. Here, hot coffee is made over ice, making it strong and cold. Then, it can be mixed with more ice or water. It’s different from the slow-steep way because it’s ready in just a few minutes. This fast method also makes the coffee extra strong. That’s why it’s good for making a bubbly drink that keeps its full taste. Some people like this method more because it’s quick and makes a strong coffee that doesn’t lose its flavor.

Japanese Iced Coffee: A Concentrated Approach

Some folks prefer the Japanese iced coffee method. It’s quick and makes a strong coffee that can be mixed with sparkling water. Because the coffee is already so flavorful, it doesn’t get too weak when mixed. So, this method is chosen by those who like a strong but quick-and-easy coffee for their bubbly drink.

cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee: A Versatile Base for Bubbly Drinks

Cold brew coffee is great for making refreshing drinks. Its strong taste works well with sparkling water. When mixing the two, find the right ratio for the best taste.

Ratio Perfection: Balancing Coffee and Sparkling Water

A 1:1 ratio of cold brew concentrate to sparkling water is a good start. But, you can change this to suit your taste. Some like their drink strong, while others prefer it light and bubbly. Trying out different amounts is fun and helps you find your favorite mix.

Sweetening Options: Simple Syrups and Personal Preferences

Adding sweetness to your drink is a personal choice. You can use a simple syrup for this, which is just sugar dissolved in hot water. Then let it cool. This can be mixed with the cold brew concentrate before adding sparkling water.

Or, you can offer the syrup on the side. This lets people make their drink as sweet as they like. Sweetness level depends on the type of coffee, sparkling water, and your taste.


Combining cold brew coffee with sparkling water creates a refreshing drink. It’s bubbly and packed with flavor, ideal for any time. Start with a top-notch, concentrated cold brew. Then, try different flavored sparkling waters to make it unique. This lets coffee lovers develop a drink just right for them.

If you like your coffee strong or mild, there’s a mix for you. This combo’s versatility means you’ll find a drink perfect for summer. So, next time you want something cool and caffeinated, go for a sparkling cold brew. It blends bold coffee and a satisfying fizz perfectly.

There’s endless potential to experiment with coffee styles and waters. This means you can create a signature sparkling cold brew. Enjoy making your own drink and finding a new way to enjoy caffeine with every sip. It’s a fun way to keep cool and treat yourself.


Can I add sparkling water to cold brew coffee for a bubbly drink?

Yes, mixing cold brew coffee and sparkling water makes a cool, fizzy drink for summer. The coffee packs a serious caffeine punch, and the bubbles from the water add a refreshing zing.

What are the different brewing methods for cold brew coffee used in this sparkling water drink?

Two ways of making this coffee stand out: the slow-steep immersion and Japanese iced coffee. Slow-steeping gives a concentrated, mellow coffee, while the Japanese method offers a stronger, quicker brew.

How do I find the right balance of cold brew coffee and sparkling water?

Start with a 1:1 mix of coffee concentrate to sparkling water. But feel free to tweak this to suit your taste. Some like their brew bold, others light and bubbly. It’s fun to play with the ratios to get your perfect blend.

Can I add sweetener to my sparkling cold brew drink?

Adding a simple syrup makes it sweeter if you like. Just mix sugar in hot water, then cool it. Pour the syrup into the coffee concentrate before adding sparkling water for a sweet drink.
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