Can I add chocolate or cocoa to cold brew coffee?

The love for cold brew coffee keeps growing. Fans are looking for new ways to enjoy it. One interesting idea is mixing in chocolate for a rich flavor. But can it really give cold brew a chocolate kick, or are there roadblocks?

The writer tested this by adding unsweetened cocoa powder to cold brew coffee grounds. They wanted to see if the cocoa would blend well with the coffee and make it chocolatey.

Adding cocoa powder made the coffee grounds stick together oddly. After 12 hours and filtering, the paper filters were blocked. This was probably because the cocoa didn’t dissolve well. Strangely, the cold brew didn’t taste different, even with the cocoa in it.

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The writer decided that putting cocoa powder right in the grounds wasn’t the best way to get a chocolate flavor. The trouble with clumps and blocked filters showed it. They suggest a new way to mix chocolate and cold brew.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding unsweetened cocoa powder directly to cold brew coffee grounds can cause the grounds to clump together, leading to clogged filters during the brewing process.
  • The cocoa powder may not fully dissolve, resulting in a lack of discernible chocolatey notes or flavors in the final cold brew.
  • Directly incorporating cocoa powder into the cold brew grounds is not an effective method for infusing chocolate flavor into the coffee.
  • Alternative approaches may be needed to successfully combine the flavors of cold brew coffee and chocolate.
  • Careful consideration of the brewing process and ingredients is required to achieve the desired chocolate-infused cold brew.

Exploring the Fusion of Cold Brew Coffee and Chocolate

The author got interested in mixing the smooth, chocolatey taste of cold brew coffee with the yummy flavor of chocolate. They tried out a new idea. They put unsweetened cocoa powder into the coffee grounds before making the cold brew.

The Allure of Combining Two Beloved Flavors

Mixing the rich, slow-brewed taste of cold brew with the luxury of chocolate piqued the author’s interest. They dreamed of a blend that would make the coffee taste amazing. Plus, it would become a real treat with chocolate.

Experimenting with Unsweetened Cocoa in Cold Brew Brewing

To achieve this mix, the author added unsweetened cocoa powder to their cold brew making. They mixed the powder with ground coffee. They hoped this step would combine these two main ingredients smoothly.

Observations on Texture and Filtration Challenges

Yet, things didn’t go as planned during the filtration. The cocoa made the coffee grounds stick together, causing blockages in the filters. Also, not all the cocoa dissolved, so there was some left in the grounds.

The texture and filtration problems didn’t stop the author. They were still eager to get the chocolate flavor right in their cold brew coffee.

Crafting the Perfect Chocolate-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

In making a chocolate-infused cold brew for the second time, the author tried a new way. Instead of mixing the cocoa powder with the coffee grounds, they put it in the cold brew concentrate. The recipe needed 6 ounces of coarsely ground coffee beans, 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, and 8 cups of room temperature water.

Ingredients for the Cold Brew Concentrate

The grounds and cocoa were mixed and left to steep for 12 hours. After straining, the cocoa had dissolved well, making the drink smoother.

Brewing Process and Tips

To boost the chocolate flavor, the author recommended using a creamy coffee creamer. International Delight Simply Pure was a good choice to add at the end.

Enhancing with Creamy Chocolate Additions

Adding the cocoa to the final cold brew concentrate made the chocolate flavor really stand out. This method worked better than mixing cocoa powder with the coffee grounds at the start.

cold brew coffee


The author tried adding chocolate or cocoa to cold brew coffee. They found it needs careful steps. While mixing cold brew‘s smooth taste with chocolate sounds great, issues can arise by adding cocoa powder to the grounds directly.

The trick is to mix cocoa into the final cold brew concentrate. This way, you get a nice chocolate flavor. The author also recommends using a coffee creamer like International Delight Simply Pure to boost the chocolate notes in the cold brew. Done right, you can make a tasty chocolate-infused cold brew coffee.

The study points out how important it is to know the right coffee brewing methods. And how to blend coffee and chocolate flavors well. Trying out different methods can open new, enjoyable doors for cold brew lovers, adding delightful chocolate flavors.


Can I add chocolate or cocoa to cold brew coffee?

Yes, you can add chocolate or cocoa to cold brew coffee. But, it needs careful handling. Don’t add cocoa powder straight to the coffee grounds. Instead, mix it into the final cold brew concentrate. This way, you’ll get a better flavor blend without texture issues.

What happens when you add cocoa powder to cold brew grounds?

Adding cocoa powder to the cold brew grounds causes some issues. The grounds stick together, which can block your filters. This means the cocoa doesn’t fully dissolve into the brew. So, the cold brew won’t taste chocolaty even after you’ve let it steep.

How can I create a chocolate-infused cold brew coffee?

You can make chocolate-infused cold brew by adding cocoa to the concentrate. Use 6 ounces of coffee and 1 tablespoon of cocoa mixed with 8 cups of water. Steep this for at least 12 hours. This method makes the cocoa dissolve better, giving your cold brew a smoother feel. For more chocolate flavor, add a creamy coffee creamer when it’s done brewing.
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