Can I make cold brew coffee with a Chemex Ottomatic?

The Chemex Ottomatic is a unique drip coffee maker. It can make cold brew coffee and iced coffee. It controls how long the water touches the coffee and the water’s heat. This means it brews great cold coffee and slow-brewed coffee.

This machine can fill Chemex carafes that are 3 to 8 cups. It has a small size, and it comes with a glass carafe cover. Chemex Ottomatic also has a cleaner and a 1-year warranty. It’s perfect for cold-pressed coffee and concentrated coffee drinks.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chemex Ottomatic can make both hot and iced coffee with its unique technology.
  • It carefully controls brewing steps like pre-infusion, how long the water touches the coffee, and the water’s heat.
  • The “Greedy Cup” sprayhead technology helps get the best taste out of your cold brew and iced coffee.
  • It can brew different sizes of Chemex carafes and uses Chemex filters.
  • This machine has a 1-year warranty. It also comes with handy items like a glass carafe cover and a cleaner.

What is a Chemex Ottomatic?

The Chemex Ottomatic is a high-end coffee machine. It makes pour over coffee, both hot and cold. It handles everything from the water’s temperature to how long it touches the coffee beans.

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This device uses a special sprayhead to evenly extract coffee flavors. It has a unique way of brewing that keeps the taste balanced. This machine is for any coffee lover who cares about the taste of their drink.

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine

The Ottomatic makes coffee like a pro barista but is as easy as pressing a button. It fits different-sized Chemex carafes and needs special filters. This ensures you always get a pure and tasty cup of coffee.

Brews Hot and Iced Coffee

Besides hot coffee, it can make great iced coffee too. It has a special setting for brewing coffee straight onto ice, which is perfect for a cold drink on a hot day.

Manages Brewing Variables

This machine controls the temperature, how long the water and coffee mix, and the pre-soaking step. Managing these factors means the coffee tastes just right every time.

Greedy Cup Sprayhead Technology

The unique sprayhead technology makes sure every part of the coffee gets the same treatment. The way it pours water over the coffee in stages and pulses means a perfect, full-flavored coffee for you.

The Ottomatic doesn’t take up much space. Plus, it comes with handy extras like a cover for the carafe and a cleaner. This makes it a top choice for anyone who loves good coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee with the Chemex Ottomatic

The Chemex Ottomatic isn’t just for hot coffee; it can make cold brew coffee too. It has an “Iced Coffee Mode” for brewing coffee over ice. This technique is called flash chilling or Japanese-style iced coffee.

Iced Coffee Mode

The Ottomatic’s Iced Coffee Mode brews smooth, fragrant cold brew coffee easily. It aims for a perfect mix of taste and coolness. The coffee is made right over ice, making a refreshing drink.

Brewing Ratio for Cold Brew

For cold brew coffee in the Chemex Ottomatic, a ratio of about 1:13.2 works well. Use 60g of coffee with 266g ice and 533g water. This mix gets the best from the coffee’s flavors and keeps it smooth and sweet.

Grind Size for Cold Brew

Grinding your coffee to a coarse, kosher salt-like size is key for cold brew coffee. This step is vital for a good extraction. It also makes sure the cold brew is not too acidy.

The Ottomatic manages brewing variables like temperature and contact time well. This leads to top-quality cold brew coffee. It brings out the best flavor from your beans, like a cafe’s.

Cold brew coffee

Step-by-Step Guide: Making Cold Brew Coffee with Chemex Ottomatic

Making cold brew coffee with the Chemex Ottomatic is easy. It creates a tasty, concentrated drink. Just follow these steps to enjoy homemade cold brew.

Prepare Ingredients

You’ll need coarse-ground coffee, filtered water, and a few ice cubes. The Chemex Ottomatic has an “Iced Coffee Mode.” This special mode brews right over the ice for a cool, refreshing end product.

Weigh and Grind Coffee

Use a 1:13.2 ratio to measure the coffee (60g coffee to 266g ice and 533g water). Grind your coffee beans to a coarse, kosher salt-like texture. This step is perfect for cold brew.

Brewing Process

Put the ground coffee in the Chemex Ottomatic’s filter basket. Make sure it’s spread evenly. Then, pour the water over the coffee. The Ottomatic will handle everything, like timing and water temperature, for you.

Swirling and Serving

After brewing, gently swirl the cold brew in the carafe. This mixes the flavors well. You can serve it over ice, or add water or milk to adjust the taste. Then, sit back and enjoy your smooth and flavorful cold brew.


The Chemex Ottomatic is perfect for those who love all kinds of coffee, even cold brew coffee. This machine can make amazing cold brew at home with its special “Iced Coffee Mode.” It lets you control brewing details like temperature and time. This helps you make a tasty cold brew by using a 1:13.2 ratio and a coarse grind. Follow these steps for a great cold brew with the Chemex Ottomatic.

The advanced design of the Chemex Ottomatic brings out the best flavors in your cold brew coffee. It doesn’t matter if you prefer iced coffee or cold brew, this machine is perfect. It’s a high-tech pour over coffee maker that adds style and taste to your kitchen. It gives you the exact coffee you want every time.

This Chemex Ottomatic is great for everyone, from coffee pros to beginners. It’s easy to use and works well. By making great coffee every time, it shows real value for any coffee fan’s collection.


Can I make cold brew coffee with a Chemex Ottomatic?

Yes, you can make tasty cold brew coffee with the Chemex Ottomatic. This machine has an “Iced Coffee Mode.” It lets you brew coffee right over ice, quickly cooling it down.

What is a Chemex Ottomatic?

The Chemex Ottomatic is a high-end coffee maker. It makes both hot and cold coffee. It controls important aspects of brewing, like soaking the coffee and keeping the water at the perfect temperature.

How does the Chemex Ottomatic brew hot and iced coffee?

The Ottomatic uses advanced technology to make great coffee. Its “Greedy Cup” design sprays water evenly over the coffee. This ensures every part of the coffee gets the same treatment and tastes great.It works well with 3, 6, and 8 cup carafes. Plus, it uses special Chemex filters for the best result.

What brewing ratio should I use for cold brew coffee with the Chemex Ottomatic?

For cold brew in the Ottomatic, use a ratio of 1:13.2 (60g coffee to 266g ice and 533g water). This mix is ideal for bringing out the best in your coffee. It keeps the cold brew smooth and sweet.

What grind size should I use for cold brew in the Chemex Ottomatic?

Choose a coarse grind, like kosher salt, for cold brew in the Chemex Ottomatic. This grind size is best for getting great taste without it becoming bitter.

How do I make cold brew coffee with the Chemex Ottomatic?

Here’s how to make cold brew with the Chemex Ottomatic:
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